Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wow I'm a Dork

Apparently I still don't have this blogging thing the point that I couldn't figure out the difference between posting an entry and saving it as a draft...haha. Up to this point I've written ten posts but only three of them were showing...all ten always showed up for me, because I'm the author, but to everyone else apparently only three posts showed up. Why? Because I daved them as drafts! Ugh!!

Thanks to K.H., author of The Hooters Girl. Not only is she an amazing blogger who inspired me to start my own blog, but she was also gracious enough to mention my blog in her latest post, entitled "Plus Two." In addition to referring to my writing as "chaotic and energetic, which makes for a fun read," she also pointed out that I have "only a few entries thus far, detailing her experiences applying at Hooters and her orientation." That's when I became confused! I thought, "a few entries detailing my application process and orientation? What about everything else I've written about?" Then I proceeded to view my blog, not while signed into my account, and realized that only three posts were up. Thanks, K.H.! I never would've caught it otherwise!

I just finished moving my posts from drafts to actually published, so they should all be up now. Enjoy! :D

Monday, November 30, 2009

My Hooters Nemesis

About three years ago I met a boy. We hit it off. He cheated with his best friend's girlfriend. I left him. The End.

Turns out that chick works at Hooters! Thankfully, not at the same one I work at, but at one of the other two in my town. Whatever, right? Well turns out that the girls from my restaurant often do promotional events with the girls from that other one. Great! I honestly don't's been more than three years and I've since moved on...big time! But what if she hasn't? Back then when all the dram went down, she hated me! I don't know why, since I'm the one who got screwed over and I'm the one who should've been hating the hell out of her. Instead, she hated the hell out of me! The nerve! I'm just really hoping she's past it. She's a few years younger than I so I'm worried she may still be quite immature. And truth be told: girls are drama by nature. Therefore, I've got on my hands a recipe for (possible) disaster.

I plan on remaining completely professional and doing my thing. But this girl is drama almost 24/7. Apparently she walked into my restaurant a couple days ago and saw a picture on the wall of some of us who work there. She saw me in the photo and immediately verified my name with the girl at the hostess' stand, Sporty Spice, and asked if I currently work there. She then proceeded to make some nasty remarks, to which Sporty Spice had some comeback remarks of her own! I heard it got pretty heated for a few minutes! I'm ever so grateful to Sporty Spice for standing up for me, but I'm worried crap like this will happen at the promo events we will work together in the future. Ahh drama...why must it appear even when we do everything we can to stay away from it!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bipolar Kool-Aid Man

Kool-Aid Man: the name I have chosen to ascribe to the general manager, as he reminds me of the well-known Kool-Aid Man.

Bipolar: a diagnosis that describes a category of mood disorders.

Lately, Kool-Aid Man has been acting completely erratic. It seems that one minute he is as nice and caring as ever and the next minute he's on a completely unjustified power trip. This has only been going on for about a week but already all the girls have noticed it. Tonight was one of those night during which he was having mood swings. And quite honestly, the entire night I was feeling the urge to pick up something and throw it at him! It was that bad! One of the girls was almost in tears after he yelled at her for failing to some peppy enough when a customer walked in. She sounded as peppy as the rest of us, so none of us understood what he was yelling at her about. It was completely uncalled for, and I felt really bad for the girl! I managed to stay out of his way just enough so that I was able to escape from most of his hostile comments, but I'm still pretty pissed. I really wouldn't be so upset if his pointy words and screams were justified, at least in some way. But they weren't! At all!

Wow, after writing all that I'm starting to get angry all over again! If I didn't know better, I'd think my ears were fuming right now! Ahhh...I'm just gonna go take a hot bath, take a sip of wine, and get some sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Daddy and Junior: they are my two favorite customers. They are every Hooters Girl's favorite customers, it seems. I first met them during my second shift when they walked right up to the hostess stand animatedly showed their delight at seeing that a new Hooters Girl had been added to the team. They were a delight right from the start and I have to admit...they were both quite good looking!

Another of the girls, Chatty Cathy, explained that they come in almost every other name, know every single girl by name, tip well, and are two of the few regulars who are actually not creepy or annoying. Thus far, I've seen them four times and I love having them around! They keep things fresh when it's slow but are also understanding when it gets busy. There's so many customers who don't get it and want our undivided attention while we simultaneously try to sit the 30 people who are waiting to be seated. But Daddy and Junior totally get it! And they're great at making conversation. Plus, like I said before, they're rather nice to look at!

The similarities between the two astonish me: same hair, same eyes, same smile, same tone of voice, same sense of humor, and same love for wings! I love it!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Weeks In...and the Fun Continues

It's been two weeks since I had my first shift as a Hooters Girl and I'm still loving it! I'm starting to think I have way too much fun. But so be it. What can I say...I really think that dressing up in a little outfit that some would consider ridiculous but I consider rather cute, if not hot, pretty fun! It also doesn't hurt that a large part of my job consists of taking photos with customers, singing and dancing around, and signing calendars, shirts, and caps!

Now, I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression. While working at Hooters is oftentimes a very fun experience, it can also be tough, such as on days on which what seems like thousand of people come in on right after the other. I do take my job seriously, and I want to give every customer I come in contact with the most Hooterific experience possible. That means going out of my way and making sure everything is done 100% right. It also means putting on a smile even when I'm having the worst of days and maintaining a certain level of calm and friendliness even when dealing with the worst, most obnoxious customers. And trust me...that can be very hard!

For the most part, the customers all great. But of course there is the occasional asshole who thinks he can say/do whatever he feels like doing simply because I'm showing cleavage, and wants to overstep his boundaries. What a pain in the ass! Then there's also the bitchy Hooters Girl who takes out her frustrations on the rest of us rather than on the people who deserve to get her sharp, sarcastic comments. Everyone has a bad day, and I don't expect anyone to be 100% nice 100% of the time. So what am I complaining about?? The fact that she does it all the time!! For this reason, I shall call her the Blonde Bitch! Ha! Trust me, I'm not just being overly sensitive; all the other girls complain about her too. Honestly, I think we're all ready to strangle her!

But overall, and thankfully, being a Hooters Girl is working pretty nicely for me! :D